The Tunisian Ministry of Justice reformed their secured transactions law following the UNCITRAL model.

Although it was the subject of reform, the new law is complex and fragmented, as there are several statutes governing security rights in movable assets, which are of narrow application and only apply to specific assets in certain industries. For example, Law No. 2001-19 governs pledges of tools, machinery and professional equipment; Law No. 94-89 governs finance leasing; Law No. 2000-92 governs fiduciary assignment of accounts receivable; and Articles 100-106 of the Code of Maritime Commerce governs ocean vessels and aircraft used as collateral.

There is no electronic registry for security interests over movable assets. The current registration system is the Commerce Registry, which registers enterprise pledges. These may only be created by persons who are registered as traders or businesses. Alternatively, registration of pledges and finance leases over tools or materials are paper-based and organised by the courts of first instance.


Last Checked August 2020

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