Bangladesh are in the early stages of reforming secured transactions and collateral registries. The Central Bank and Ministry of Finance have signed a cooperation agreement with the International Financial Corporation (IFC) to start the implementation of a comprehensive secured transactions reform.

The IFC have announced an advisory project continuing until June 2020 with aims to increase level of finance to businesses in Bangladesh by strengthening secured lending and collateral framework in the country and the establishment of a register.

Bangladesh has also announced a master plan with a view to developing its capital markets to increase financing. This arose out of the market crisis of 2011 in Bangladesh. Some progress has been made by de-mutualising two key stock markets, but the current programme has indicated a need to strengthen rules and regulations of the market, upgrading the financial infrastructure and addressing the slow court systems.

An overview of the current position in Bangladesh, published in 2013, is available here.


IMF Country Report No. 17/147, 2017 Article IV Consultation on Bangladesh (2017)