The Law of Secured Transactions in Honduras came into force in July of 2010. The Honduran registry of security interests on personal property started operations in January of 2011. The law is based on the OAS Inter-American Model Law on Secured Transactions. The law provided for a dual system of filing of notices of security interests—electronic and paper based, according to the user’s preference. In the first three years of its operation, most registrations are submitted in paper forms that registry clerks enter into the system. However, they do not verify the legality or veracity of such information.


The Registry of Security Interests is accessible at http://www.garantiasmobiliarias.hn/ through which  the Law and the Registry Regulations may be downloaded under “Marco Legal.”

“A Guide to a Successful Adoption and Implementation of the Organization of American States Model Law on Secured Transactions and Registry Regulations in Honduras — The National Law Center Experience” Marek Dubovec 43 UCCLJ no 4

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