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The law on security over personal property was reformed in New Zealand in 1999 by the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.    The scheme is similar to the Canadian Acts in structure and content, with one major exception.  This is that unregistered security interests are not void against unsecured creditors, although  they are against secured creditors (section 66), execution creditors (section 103) and buyers or lessees of collateral (section 52).

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Important cases

Strategic Finance Limited (in receivership and in liquidation) v Bridgman [2013] NZCA 357

The Healy Homberg Trading Partnership v Grant [2012] NZCA 451

Stiassny v CIR [2012] NZSC 106

Marac Finance Ltd v Greer [2012] NZCA 45

Burns v Commissioner of Inland Revenue HC Auckland [2011] NZHC 1363

Gibson v Stockco Ltd HC Auckland [2010] NZHC 2398

Dunphy v Sleepyhead Manufacturing Co Ltd [2007] NZCA 241

New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd v Waller [2005] NZCA 254

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