Australian Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) 2009: The Statutory Review

On Wednesday 27 May 2015 a webinar was held to discuss the key points arising from the Australian PPSA statutory review.

The Australian Personal Property Securities Act, which introduced a new scheme for registration, priorities and enforcement of secured transactions in Australia, came into force in 2012. The Act included a built-in statutory review, to be completed three years after commencement (which can be downloaded here). The review culminated in March this year in the delivery to Government of a 500-page Final Report containing 370 recommendations. For further information on the Final Report, including material providing an overview of the review see the section on Australia.

The webinar was chaired by Professor Hugh Beale. Associate Professor David Brown of the University of Adelaide discussed key points arising out of this review, and Professor Louise Gullifer commented on its significance for secured transaction reform in English law and around the world.

A recording of the webinar, as well as slides from the presentation, can be accessed here.